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Bid2Care Features

Bid2Care is BlueTree Marketing's online auction bidding portal. BlueTree Marketing has created Bid2Care, an online auction bidding portal that gives philanthropic individuals the opportunity to purchase highly coveted items while supporting nonprofit organizations and schools across the country.

BlueTree Marketing offers customers the chance to opt into Bid2Care and expand the marketing efforts of your fundraising auctions. This service allows you to open your auction up to a broader audience - giving our registered members the opportunity to bid on your catalog of items. The extra participation that the community of bidders, Bid2Care drives to BlueTree Marketing auction sites, increases online auction bidding and generates more revenue for our nonprofit customers.

When you run an online auction with BlueTree Marketing and choose to be included in Bid2Care, you will also benefit from the additional marketing opportunities that it creates:

  • Draw attention to your online fundraising auction through features on the homepage and in weekly newsletters.
  • Benefit from increased advertisement of your products and services in your auction catalog.

Opting into Bid2Care is an easy way to increase revenue from your online auction efforts, while raising awareness for your cause.

For more information on Bid2Care please contact a representative!

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