How It Works

How it Works: Our Consignment Auction Program is very simple and has been successfully helping charities raise monies since 2006. We will work with you every step of the way to assure that you have the best suited items in place for a successful auction.

Prior to your event, a fundraising consultant will hold an in depth session with you to learn about your event and understand your target audience. Once a clear understanding of your event is obtained, we begin to prepare a customized list of suggested consignment auction items that have a successful track record in your area. These items are matched to the demographics of your guests.

Prior to your event, we will mutually agree on the appropriate number of items and trips for your auction along with their consignment price. Only after an item sells will your organization be responsible for is the cost of the consignment item. There is nothing to buy unless it sells! There are no other fees or percentages charged for items that are sold at your event.

Within a week of your event, you will receive all auction winners’ documentation via UPS or email. Once your event has passed, you and your fundraising consultant will discuss your auction. If physical item, such as sports memorabilia, does not sell, then all we ask is that you ship it back to us (at our expense). The program is risk free to you and the results speak for themselves.

To learn more about our programs and what new and exciting items we have to offer, please contact a representative!

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